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Broken by PlanRob

Understanding graphic design

through the EYES of PlanRob.

We managed to ask Robin some questions based

on himself and the artwork he's created.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Robin Erispe, I am a illustrator/graphic designer born and bread in Cape town, better known by my design alias Planrob. I began my design career by studying graphic design at CPUT and haven't looked back since.

At what age did you realise design was your passion?

As far back as I can remember I've always had a desire to create, there were always ideas in my head that i just needed to get out, and the easiest way for me to do this was through drawing. I spent most of my primary schooling years with pencil to paper sketching things i liked and wish existed and this was my way to bring it into reality. So when the question came around "what would you like to be when you grow up?" My answer was always graphic designer consistently throughout the years, which i believed would give me the platform to do as a career what i innately just had a desire to do. Its kind of like i didn't give myself any other options at all, but looking back i wouldn't change a thing.


"It's simple yet difficult to create something you like and something that your audience will enjoy visually." - PlanRob


What does the future hold for PlanRob?

The dream, as im sure it is for many designers, is just the freedom for more personal projects. To be able to do whatever it is that you enjoy, which for me is personal illustration, and be able to make a living off of it. its fun coming up with concepts for brands and bringing a clients ideas to life but i think the true pleasure will always be in bringing your own ideas to life. And maybe theres a studio in the making with some friends, who knows?

What qualities and skills should a great graphic designer have?

Throughout the years I've heard and believe one major thing, "all the technical skills can be learn, what cant be taught or might be harder to teach is creativity and conceptual thinking". Without this you will have a hard time as a graphic designer. So thats the main one but other than that i think another major one is to just be a student of life, you have to have an interest and thirst for knowledge on all fields, the best work always comes with a great understanding and a great interest in whatever it may be you are designing. If you have these i think everything else should fall into place.


"Fans always ask me how do I get inspired? My answer is always, through the emotions of my life. Things aren't always easy, this is why I make the most out of those experiences..." - PlanRob


How do you handle criticism?

I guess the way I handle criticism is by always being my own biggest critic, which is not always the healthiest method, but it humbles me to keep in mind that nothing i do is perfect and that it can always be improved on. With this mindset anything people point out which can be done better helps me narrow down the things i should be focusing on in the future. Its easer said than done but its something  which has really help me grow in my craft.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

This is a tough question, i feel like there are so many things in everyday life that affect my subconscious and somehow feed their way into my artworks. But one consistent thing that has always been incorporated and influences my work is my interest in people. People, their stories and their emotions are always a major influence in all my pieces. it fascinates me that each person is living in their own world so personalised to them, each going through their own situations, their own emotional struggles, their own journey and the outcome we are all unsure but we are learning as we go along. these checkpoints of first time experiences and the emotions associated with them as we journey through life and how it differs between each person through the eyes of countless individuals allows me an endless source of inspiration as i use these to capture a visually surreal representation of a split second of a life. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

I think the best thing i've head and learnt over the years is that "nothings perfect". As an artist and designer it can become extremely stressful and tiring always trying to make things as perfect as we can and stressing ourselves out when we just cant figure it out. I think theres a part of the creative process when you have to let go and just let the process take over. A moment where things are completely out of your hands before reaching its completion. This is not to say you shouldn't tidy up your design or make the edits you know should be made but if you are fussing over something for the 10th time maybe leave it as it is and move on and once the piece is done it might be that small imperfection that make the piece completely unique.

Anything exciting for you in the near future that we should know about?

There a few cool projects coming out soon but the biggest news is that my online website will be up soon where you can get all my prints and merchandise stay tuned to my instagram for updates @Planrob .


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