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Behind the design Leo Natsume

3D Artwork by Leo Natsume
3D Artwork by Leo Natsume
3D Artist Leo Natsume

Looking into the modern world of art/design through 3D aesthetics

of a graphic designer.

Leo Natsume has worked with companies such as Google, The New York Times, Mac Donald's, Adobe, Disney, Nike, etc...

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Leonardo Azevedo (artistic name: Leo Natsume), and I currently live in Porto Alegre city, a capital in southern Brazil. I've always liked drawing and sketching ideas since I was a kid. As a teenager, I drew a lot in the anime style and also did hyperrealism drawings with ballpoint pen.

I have a background in Graphic and Digital Design, and since 2013 I have been working in the Creative Design Industry mainly. I've worked for some companies as a full-time designer, but nowadays I'm a freelance designer and work with internationally known brands.

At what age did you realise design was your passion?

From 11 years old! I already liked to draw as a child, but I got to know design at the age of 11 at an event promoted in the city of Pelotas, where some design students held an exhibition of posters showing their work!

It was there that I discovered a new creative world full of opportunities. Since then, I decided that I would study in this area.


3D Artwork by Leo Natsume

"Quality instead of quantity." - Leo Natsume


What does the future hold for Leo Natsume?

I hope to continue collaborating with brands that really care about my work. Companies that look for mydesign work, not because I'm the cheapest professional or participate in a competition. I really enjoy collaborating on challenging projects that have a big social impact on people's lives through design.

But during the year 2022, I hope to invest in personal projects as well. Maybe a collection of NTFs and a deeper exploration of the Metaverse?

What qualities and skills should a great graphic designer have?

I believe that the main one is that you have a good analytical and critical eye on what you are producing. Before learning any software, try to improve and look at the universe in which you work. See the work of other professionals and get inspired!

Of course, to be a great designer, you also need to practice and learn the technical part of software, but it's no use knowing how to use a specific software and not knowing how to use your creativity.


3D Artwork by Leo Natsume

"Design is not some buttons in your software." - Leo Natsume


How do you handle criticism?

I really enjoy receiving constructive criticism! They make you grow and learn new things. I have a very healthy fan community on social media, and it's always good to hear new opinions.

When I work with other professionals like - art directors and designers for example - the projects will always need some adjustments, and this is important for us to achieve the best performance and results for the client. Criticism is always welcome.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I have really enjoyed the discussions about Crypto Art and the Metaverse. Something that really intrigues me and it's great to see how this universe is growing! New collections, ways of interacting with the community and the creation of this new “space” have caught my attention a lot these days. Tell us about a project that was your greatest achievement?

The project I did for Instagram for the international campaign “Create Don’t Hate” was one of the most impactful in my career! I was asked by the San Francisco Instagram design team to create a sticker and 3 illustrations for the app.

In addition, the illustrations were distributed to all US schools to raise awareness against bullying online and offline. The campaign had an incredible reach!

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

Never give up on your dreams! It might be a little cliché, but it's an important thing to keep in mind. Do what you love and have passion for, focus on it, regardless of value or reputation. Only then will you be fine with yourself!

Anything exciting for you in the near future that we should know about? Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk a little more about me and my work! It was a great pleasure, I wish everyone success!

Instagram Illustrations by Leo Natsume


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